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save tax invest in LIC

LIC Life Insurance by Lic of India call us on 9820934872 (Mumbai)

LIC Life Insurance is an essential need for every individual. Life Insurance Corporation of India has more than 50 policies for Men, Women, Children and Elderly person. Death is inevitable and timing is uncertain. It is important for a person to plan life insurance for self and family members before the occurrence of any unforeseen event. Being in business since last 55 year Life Insurance Corporation of India promises to deliver the claim to the nominee within the prescribed time limit. Normally people are so busy in their lives and believe as if they are ETERNAL and nothing can happen to them.

Since you have read this you seem to be more responsible and committed towards the happiness and well being of your dependents. Just fill in the contact form below and we will help you in getting you best Life Insurance plans.

Are you unmarried with high salary and no tax and financial planning than you have searched the right place? By investing just Rs. 250 per day you become a crorepati. Email us today!

You should always buy Life Insurance when you are young. For example if you are 18-25 years old and you start investing in Life insurance from today, so when you turn 45 you can retire from paying premiums and enjoy a tension free life with your spouse and kids. There are various plans and modes available for you like monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly and single one time investment mode. At Lic of India we have various plans which will give you pure insurance coverage with free risk cover for extended period with lifetime pension option to choose from. You will feel more relaxed and secured with LIC of India the worlds most trusted and one of the best performing insurance company. Investing your money in Lic of India is like you are depositing your money with the safest corporation in the world. New Plan from Lic of India Jeevan Saral

You can invest in top rated policies from Lic india some of them are Jeevan saral, Market Plus, Jeevan Anand, New Bima Gold, Amulya Jeevan, Bima Bachat, Child future, Child career and Jeevan Akshay. Your insurance portfolio must consist of these plans for a smooth and happy life for self and beloved family members.

Bima Account 1 - For short term guaranteed returns
Bima Account 2 -
For long term guaranteed returns
Jeevan Saral
- High Flexibility, High Coverage
Market Plus - Great Return on Investment
Jeevan Anand - Good returns for self and free risk cover
New Bima Gold - Money back plan with difference
Amulya Jeevan - Pure term plan must for people in metro cities
Bima Bachat - Fixed deposit with risk cover from Lic India
Jeevan Akshay - Pension plan for golden years

Call us today to start your insurance planning: 91-9820934872 (mumbai)
Death is inevitable, but the timing is uncertain never keep anything for tomorrow. Mark my words if you do not plan your insurance today you will not get a second chance.

Private insurance companies are making huge loss year after year click here
Yet many people prefer private insurance companies to secure their future.

Lic Of India has various policies to suit your needs where we can give:

  • Risk Cover
  • Guaranteed returns
  • Tax Benefits
  • Regular income
  • Free insurance
  • Accidental risk cover
  • Insurance for senior citizens
  • Fixed deposit with risk cover and loan facility
  • Peace of mind forever

So stop spending and start saving for a better future. Invest in yourself invest in LIC

In this Global crisis no avenues are safe for investing your hard earned money. Due to this global meltdown many have lost the jobs worldwide. On behalf of our 200 million policy holders we pray for you and your family well being. Kindly read the following before you make any kind of Investment

Following are very risky investment avenues and should be avoided for further capital erosion.

1. Shares and Mutual Funds :
Very very risky market full of speculators, even the company CEO and Directors are not aware why the stock prices are falling or going up

2. Property and Land:
Prices are way high and there is no government control over it. Current property prices in India are 68% higher as compared to other developed countries like USA and UK.

3. Bank Fixed Deposits:
Interest earned is Taxable and principal amount is guaranteed only up to 1 lakh in case the bank goes Bankrupt as per "Our Finance Minister"

4. Gold, Silver and Commodities
Gold is also too risky but it is much safer than Shares and mutual fund as you have a option of physically holding it. Silver is full of speculators only big traders can profit, people like you and me are bound to make losses. Due to commodity MCX average people can't even afford 2 meals a day. Prices of Dal, Rice, and other daily food item have shot up like never before. Our appeal to Government of India is BAN COMMODITY MCX and let people live peacefully

5. Forex Trading
Many of you may not even know what forex trading is? It means trading in currencies.
Let me tell you that it the most risky. Many People had wiped out their family wealth in matter of Minutes.

In such a scenario there is only 1 company (Lic of India) you can TRUST, who will honor all its commitments and it has more than $163 billion assets.

Every day we read in newspaper about suicides due to financial crisis. Our appeal is do not take any drastic step if you are caught in a financial crisis. According to Indian Law If you are in a financial crisis you can pay your party in installments spread over a period of years.

This article is published just to make people aware that Investment in LIC of India is much better than other risky investment.

save tax 2009-2010If you have a spouse or children, it will give you peace of mind to make sure that they will be safe and secure when you pass away. The best way to do this is to purchase a life insurance policy. There are thousands of different companies offering life insurance. But how do you choose an insurance policy that is right for you? To help you to make an informed decision when you come to choose a life insurance policy, you need to understand exactly what a life insurance policy is, who needs a life insurance policy and how to distinguish between the different types of policy we will help you choose the best kind of Insurance policy you are looking for whether it is for your child, wife, parents, sibling, or yourself.

Just fill out the Contact Form and we will get in touch with you. If life insurance buying is approached in the proper manner it can be very beneficial to yourself and your family. You need to take the time to give some thought to a subject that can be very unpleasant.

I guess that is why most people don't think about it, or at best think about it only after they have had a brush with death, or when a life insurance professional brings up the subject. Sometimes these people wait until it is too late to do something about such a critical matter. They find themselves uninsurable when they discover they have some critical illness. People should give life insurance buying serious thought at least once per year as ones situation may change and you find that your need for life insurance may change as a result.

LIC Client list : Balaji Telefilms, Dabur India Limited, Federal Bank, HCL Technologies, i-flex Solutions, Infosys, Kingfisher Airlines, Larsen & Toubro Infotech, NDTV, Patni Computer Systems,, Shapoorji Pallonji Group, Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Wipro, Reliance Communications, Satyam Computer Services, STAR India Network, TVS Motors.

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Life Insurance India: We are Life Insurance Corporation of India's authorised insurance agents. If you are looking for Lic Investment plan, Life Insurance, Lic Term policy, Lic endownment plan, Lic pension plan, Lic fixed deposit, Lic jeevan saral you can contact us and we will be more than happy to assit you in your financial planning

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